The impact of regular maintenance on the resale value of my car

Have you ever thought, “How do I maximise the resale value of my car?” One crucial aspect often overlooked by car owners is how regular maintenance can significantly enhance the resale value of their cars. It’s not just the make or model that determines the resale value, but the care and attention it receives throughout its life.

The link between maintenance and resale value

The correlation between car maintenance and the resale value of a car is clear. A well-maintained car not only operates better but also stands out as a more desirable and valuable asset in the resale market.

A person checking the oil level of a car with a dipstick.

How to upkeep car maintenance and boost the resale value of my car:

  • Regular oil changes and tune-ups ensure the engine runs smoothly.
  • Regular checks and cleanings of the battery terminals to prevent corrosion can save you from unexpected breakdowns.
  • A clean and well-maintained appearance can significantly uplift the resale value.
  • Keeping up with brake, tyre, and fluid checks guarantees the car functions reliably.
  • Beyond brake and transmission fluids, make sure to check and top off coolant, power steering, and windshield washer fluids. Proper fluid levels are important.
  • Protect the interior from wear and tear by using seat covers, floor mats, and keeping the dashboard and upholstery clean.
Person inflating a car tire with a pressure gauge at a service station.

Leveraging First Check for accurate resale values

To gauge the resale value of your car accurately, services like First Check are invaluable. Before you sell your car (or buy a new one), you can get:

  • Car trade and retail values
  • 3 month car values forecast
  • Police interest
  • Finance status

How Hoot enhances the resale value of my car

Hoot’s plans are specifically designed to augment the resale value of your car.

Preserving and enhancing the resale value of your car is a significant concern for any car owner. Hoot understands this and offers coverage plans tailored to not only protect but also to maintain and even increase the value of your car over time.

Here’s how Hoot’s specialised plans contribute to maximising your car’s resale potential:

Hoot offers two primary service plans that cater to this need, ensuring that your car not only runs smoothly but also retains its value over time.

Hoot Service Mobility

This plan is the foundation for maintaining your car’s value by covering all manufacturer-specified parts, labour, and oil necessary for periodic servicing. With the Hoot Service Mobility plan, the resale value of your car is protected through regular, scheduled maintenance using specified parts like the fan/alternator belt, various filters, spark plugs, and essential fluids. The plan is economically priced, starting at R308/month, which is a small price to pay for the assurance of maintaining your car’s value.

Rusty car brake disc and caliper, indicating the need for maintenance.

Hoot Wear and Tear

The Hoot Wear and Tear plan encompasses all critical components that typically undergo wear and tear. This plan ensures that items such as wipers, batteries, brake discs, and pads are regularly checked and replaced as needed, directly contributing to the resale value of my car. The components covered are pivotal to the car’s operation and safety, and keeping them in top condition is reflected in the car’s overall value. Starting from just R125/month, this plan is an affordable way to manage future costs while keeping my car’s value at its peak.

By investing in either or both of these Hoot plans, you are taking a proactive approach to car care. Regular servicing and addressing wear and tear not only prolongs the life of your car but also directly impacts the resale value of your car. Well-maintained cars have a proven track record of fetching higher resale prices, and with Hoot’s plans, you can keep your car in prime condition for any future sale.

*Please note that our Hoot Mobility Plans are NOT insurance products and that mechanical and electrical breakdowns are not covered under this plan. We will always make sure we are transparent with our offerings, that is our promise to you.

The resale value of my car is impacted by how well I maintain it

Regular maintenance is not just about immediate performance but also about securing its value over time. Utilising Hoot’s plans and First Check’s valuation, you can ensure your car remains in prime condition, thereby maximising its resale value. Contact us to see how our team can better serve you and your car’s needs.