Hoot Partnerships that drive value: Innovation Group and FirstCheck

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of mobility, having a partner by your side that drives value can make all the difference. Hoot is proudly powered by Innovation Group, the leading provider of mobility products in South Africa, and in partnership with First Check, we have created a revolutionary platform that is reshaping the mobility market. In this article, we’ll explore these partnerships and how they link to Hoot.

Hoot: Transforming mobility with Innovation Group

Hoot is the latest innovation from market leader Innovation Group. Backed by over 40 years’ expertise in the mobility product market, you are guaranteed to enjoy quality, value-for-money products, and a great customer experience. With no joining fees and no fuss sign-ups, our on-demand service keeps you in control will keep you in the drivers seat for longer.

What sets Hoot apart?

Easy sign-up: Choose your policy and control the terms.

Accessibility: The most straightforward way to purchase a service plan.

Transparency: Clear policy limits for trustworthy conversations.

Self-service: Complete control at your fingertips, from logging claims to changing debit order dates.

Innovation Group’s backing: With 40 years of proven performance in connectivity, simplicity, and collaboration.

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Innovation Group: The driving force behind Hoot

Innovation Group believes in enabling people to pre-empt and plan for the unexpected with world-class mobility products. Their global network connectivity and intelligence power Hoot, transforming the way we handle your mobility needs.

Innovation Group’s presence is vast and impactful, with:

Millions of active policyholders: Demonstrating the reach and reliability of their service.

Thousands of policy sales per month: A testament to their constant growth and adaptability.

Thousands of claims processed per month: Reflecting efficiency in handling customer needs.

40+ years serving the South African market: Showcasing a legacy of trust and performance in the South African market.

With such powerful credentials, Innovation Group’s partnership with Hoot is more than just collaboration. It’s a commitment to excellence, simplicity, and customer satisfaction. We are not just leveraging technology. We are embracing the future of mobility with a partner who shares our vision and values.

Visit the Innovation Group website to learn more about their offerings.

FirstCheck: A partnership for verification

Hoot’s proud partnership with FirstCheck brings South Africa’s first-ever vehicle valuation and verification app to our platform. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply assessing the value of a used or pre-owned vehicle, FirstCheck’s in-depth information gives you the edge.

FirstCheck’s features:

Valuation and verification: Including market values, theft information, and current finance details.

Credit score capability: Assess your creditworthiness if you decide to proceed with a purchase.

Value assessment reports: Stay informed on your pre-defined vehicle’s value.

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Find confidence on the road

Our strategic collaborations with Innovation Group and FirstCheck define our approach to the mobility product market. The simplicity and transparency offered by Innovation Group, coupled with the critical information provided by FirstCheck, empower us to keep you in the driver’s seat.

We are more than just a service provider; we are your trusted mobility partner. Backed by Innovation Group’s 40 years of expertise, our commitment to open conversations and flexibility equips our customers with the confidence to make the choices that work best for them.

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