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This may sound like a new product to you, but it has been around for many years. The Hoot Wear and Tear offering was designed to fill the gap between a service plan and a maintenance plan.

Typically, vehicles may come with 1) a service plan and a warranty or, 2) a maintenance plan. Where you have a maintenance plan you are covered for these items, but where you have a service and a warranty, you are not typically covered for wear and tear items like wipers, batteries, brake pads and disks.

This is where your Hoot Wear and Tear comes to the rescue.

We have designed our products to make them affordable for you. The contract you enter into is for 24 months – so even if you have used up your benefits, you will still be required to pay the balance of your product term.

At this point, you just take your vehicle to your closest service shop, OEM or preferred provider. If you do not have one, use your self-service login to Hoot and we will suggest three service shops close to your location.

Your Hoot™ Service Mobility plan is NOT an insurance product and only provides cover for serviceable components as per your vehicle manufacturer’s specification.

We can provide the details of these components should you require them. 

You can purchase a plan directly from our website by:

  1. Clicking the “get quote now” button
  2. Selecting an option suited to your need
  3. Sign up
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