Who do we cover?

In order for your vehicle to be covered under your Hoot Plan, your vehicle has to tick these boxes:

  1. It must be a passenger or light commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of less than 4 200 kg;
  2. It must not be a luxury vehicle, an electric or hybrid vehicle, a taxi, a rental vehicle, an exotic vehicle, a rebuilt vehicle (Code 3), a modified vehicle (including turbo conversions) or a vehicle that is or has been used in any form of motoring competition or sport.
  3. It must not be fitted with a high-performance braking system;
  4. It must not have an active Maintenance Plan in place;
  5. It must be maintained according to roadworthy requirements of the applicable National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 (as amended) for the duration of your Plan.
hoot illustration

Luxury’s not really our thing.

Here is a list of Luxury Vehicles that do not qualify for cover:

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